We Guarantee Results

We understand that every business has its key performance indicators and wants high ROI (Return on Investment) for its marketing activities. Our goal is to help you achieve those goals with a performance-based business model that connects directly to your goals and objectives. You pay us when your desired users carry out the final action that matters most to you. For example, customer acquisition, retention, transaction facilitation, lead generation and so on.

Unparalleled Reach with 100m Consumers

Terragon has positioned itself to be the largest aggregator of online and offline inventories in Africa with a Data Management Platform (DMP) that warehouses over 100million offline and online profiles, a proprietary programmatic stack that connects over 1,000 premium publishers, SSPs & DSPs, and a MarTech driven Customer Data Platform that provides insights for brands to better reach consumers across the African continent.
By leveraging intelligence acquired from over 4,000 campaign executions in Nigeria and beyond. Terragon possesses anonymized data on these millions of consumer profiles with deterministic attributes ranging from gender, age range, location, spend power, interest, language and so on. All of which we leverage to help you reach the right audience for your business.

Activate Local Audiences at Scale!

Companies across Africa choose to work with Terragon over global players because of our deep knowledge of the local space. No one knows Africa like we do and our deep focus on data-driven solutions and artificial intelligence technical rivals what you can get anywhere in the world.