Peculiar challenges demand unique solutions and often give rise to some of the most ground-breaking innovations. Today, reaching African audiences on digital channels has constantly posed a huge challenge because a large portion of the African population does not readily have access to the internet.

Brands, advertisers, and businesses have had to rely on available, relatively ineffective, non-digital channels thereby calling for an African product capable of reaching African consumers most effectively.

In its traditional way of having an insatiable quest for answers, Terragon Group embarked on a journey to find a solution. Several years of research and development paid off and an African product idea was conceived.

Having worked as a service provider to mobile network operators (MNOs) for over 7 years and armed with mobile penetration data in Africa – which is gradually approaching the 100% mark – MNOs provided a ready solution to this problem and gave birth to the emergent product – Adrenaline.

Adrenaline, a monetization solution for MNOs, offers advertisers unmatchable reach and a unique opportunity to connect with their audiences. It allows advertisers to buy inventory and access to reach mobile users on organically generated channels that sit on non-web based platforms on mobile devices – a first for mobile in Africa.

Some of these channels include SMS Push, USSD Flash, Balance Enquiry Notification, Call-Me-Back messages, End of Call Notification, among others.

To bring the Adrenaline product to life, Africa’s Digital Powerhouse, Terragon Group, has partnered with top MNOs – MTN Nigeria, Glo, and Orange – on the continent as it gets set to launch the product in April 2017.

The product idea was first announced in 2014 at GSMA Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain.