The Challenge

In line with the brand’s plan to drive liquid to lips, and further strengthens Guinness association with football, a national consumer promotion was launched to meet 2.5 million consumers to drive incremental volume depletion for the brand amongst consumers.

Our Solution

AWARENESS: Awareness videos of Thierry Henry’s arrival in Nigeria was massively promoted online to build intense anticipation for his arrival in Nigeria. The NCP mechanics was also further explained and we handled inquiries about the promo on social media. We also partnered with sport influencers who help to create buzz in the Digital Space.

THIERRY HENRY ARRIVAL: At his arrival, we made use of Facebook, Instagram stories to carry fans that couldn’t make it to the venue along on his trip to Nigeria and it was appropriately amplified on digital.


The Awareness video by Thierry Henry was seen over 1 million times and reached
987,878 people in Nigeria.

The brand name “Guinness” was mentioned 1,098,004 times across digital