Our Story

We are motivated by the evolution of technology, data and the rising power of the consumer

Business Overview

Terragon Group is a data and marketing technology business that unlocks value for businesses using insight to reach the mobile audience in Africa.

At Terragon, we create and strengthen the connections that bond people to brands by delivering services and solutions borne out of our 6 core business capabilities- Digital Solutions for Business Transformation, Consumer Access, Data and Intelligence, Mobile Payments, Digital Content Management, and Technology to our clients.


In a continent of about 1.2bn people across a landscape that may be larger than all other continents put together, it is often quite difficult to identify and reach people in Africa. Our goal is to use data and technology to simplify this process of reaching African consumers through innovation on the mobile device.

History and Culture

Passionate about exploring the possibilities of aggregating media channels on mobile, we set off 8 years ago, on a mission to transform the medium and manner through which companies reach their customers across Africa as well as harness the power of the smarter mobile device to reach Africans across the continent. Today, we have sharpened our focus by means of innovation using data and paying attention to the local realities within African markets.

At Terragon, we are motivated by the evolution of technology, data and the rising power of the consumer. Our 10x mindset has kept us dynamic and has inspired us to become more focused on productive and valuable ways to generate significant value for our clients and partners using data.

Based in the heart of Africa- Lagos Nigeria, Terragon Group has over the years, grown to become a leading data and marketing technology player serving various multinational and local brands. Our team of 90+ experts span across 5 regions including Kenya, Ghana, and Cameroon, and beyond Africa to India.


To continually drive local innovation, we leverage on the use of mobile devices to create significant value; we seek to aggregate and adopt African mobile user behaviours to global mainstream platforms and audiences.
Data in the digital age of mobile is relevant to every business and we remain committed to becoming the most powerful gateway to African consumers.

The Terragon group of companies is made up of two independent and complementary businesses, Terragon Digital and Twinpine.