Adrenaline is Africa’s revolutionary mobile Intelligence Platform that delivers targeted messaging via Web & Non-Web channels. A truly Do It Yourself (DIY), one-stop, omni-channel marketing platform that combines data, channels & tools to help businesses reach the right audiences at the right time and place.
Adrenaline is integrated into other platforms (CRMs, Ad Exchanges, Monitoring Tools) to extend marketing automation functionalities beyond the web.


Campaign Reporting & Customer Insights
For each campaign run, the platform provides a robust and detailed report with a breakdown of customers that engage with the advertising message and actionable insights to give a better understanding of advertiser’s core customers.

Engagement Trackers (Measurement, Tracking & Attribution)
Adrenaline features proprietary engagement tracking mechanism at every mobile interaction layer including device, SIM, and network. This enables seamless aggregation of all key metrics such as reach, open/views, clicks/replies, leads, downloads, signups, purchase and so on.


Most Extensive Offline Reach
With an estimated 118M nationwide profiles, you can now engage not just the regular online but offline customers, directly on their mobile phones using SMS & USSD.

Granular Targeting
Way beyond regular demographic targeting options (e.g age, sex) you can now target your customers based on locality within states (LGA), active data plan, socio-economic class, and interest. Device & OS types, day & time scheduling are other available options

Demand Side Platform

The Twinpine Programmatic platform is RTB enabled and serves as a Demand side platform (DSP) for large advertisers and Media Agencies to help better manage, optimize and increase ROI from their budgets. Its proprietary RTB algorithms are built to optimize bids based on performance, provide transparency and scale while meeting the stringent requirements of response times.


Real Time Bidding & Optimization (Also Naira Bidding)
The power of relevance and performance-based algorithms powering our RTB platform help each impression bid in real time at the optimal price. With applied insights from audience data, businesses can determine the bid prices for each impression and audience thereby enhancing ROI.

Predictive Models
Our machine learning models for click prediction helps to determine ad to bid for and at what price using bid request, audience data, campaign configuration etc, as well as predicting audiences most likely to click on advert.


Improved Campaign Efficiencies
Based on relevance, campaign effectiveness is increased & impact of each impression within existing budget is measurable.

Better Price & Inventory Transparency
Greater control and & flexibility to both publishers & advertisers, with access to multiple exchanges and vast inventory.


The Twinpine Ad network, Adatrix, aggregates local premium publishers and provides a self-service console for advertisers and publishers to help refine audience segments and generate insights for improved campaign performance.
With customized real-time dashboards, advanced report scheduling and a complete approval and notification framework, the Adatrix self-service solution helps to reduce the load on operation teams and streamlines processes for all stakeholders.


Custom Ad Support
In addition to standard responsive banner and text ads, Adatrix supports rich media formats (interstitials, splash, video) as well as interactive gamified ad formats that can help lift engagement rates and deliver enhanced ROI.

Audience Enrichment
Ability to target audiences on various parameters like location, demographics, device, telecom operator and connection type. The rich set of targeting capabilities combined with first party data can enhance the ROI for advertisers and help publishers increase the value of their audiences.


Detailed Reporting
Campaign insights and detailed analytics are provided for each of the campaigns for a measure of performance.

Dedicated Support
An experienced and hands-on operations team on standby to help advertisers choose right traffic source and manage custom requests for access to premium local publishers