Gamify Ads

Latch on to the new and innovative techniques brands use to create a lasting impression on customers.
Gamified ads are small fun and interactive games built to allow users to engage with your brand.
We customize each game to suit the brand’s service offerings and users who interact are scored. The brand can choose to reward the highest game scorers.
It has proven to be a very exciting ad format, gaining eyeballs and improving user experience with your brand.

Consumer Promotion

Terragon’s Consumer Promo Solution digitalizes the consumer promotions experience and makes the process so much easier for both end users and the brand team.
For brands that run promotional campaigns for the mass market.

Survey Solution

The Survey enables businesses to run market research campaigns aimed at receiving information from customers regarding products, services, and ideas, primarily via non-web channels.
This solution delivers survey questions to targeted respondents via USSD, WEB and/or SMS, then rewards them with free mobile airtime when the survey is completed

Interactive Messaging

The interactive messaging solution creates a two-way communication channel between your brand and your customers. Consumers can interact by sending messages to shortcodes on their mobile phones.
Can be used:
As an opt-in channel for users to show interest in your services.
To deliver regular messages to users and subscribers.