Lookalike Modelling

Our Look-alike modelling is one of the data science capabilities that ensure our marketing efforts generate meaningful/ effective results. We make use of your customer base, profile the users and find profiles on our database with similar features and characters who have a higher propensity to convert on your offerings.

Tracking and Attribution

Be in control of your campaign, view real-time information on user engagement right from clicks, to install and signup
In other to execute a performance-based campaign. We need to put certain trackers in place to use to measure the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.
To achieve this, we have built technologies for tracking and we partner with popular 3rd party tracking tools for applications and web pages.

App Downloads

Apps are at the heart of Today’s mobile revolution and it makes it easier for customers to use your services on the go.
After designing, leave us to do the task of acquiring users for your mobile application. Adverts will be placed on our sites and other partner sites where your target audience visits.