Terragon’s vision is bold and audacious and we are constantly seeking for talent with both the skill set and mind-set to help us realize this vision.

Our teams are a bunch of DATA driven people and for us, being DATA driven is about:

We are comfortable with uncertainty and we look at the world and situations in a new way all the time.

We have a deep sense of ownership and accountability and do not take our freedom for granted. We do not wait to be told what to do. We see the problems and we do all we can to solve it.

We share information openly and proactively that could help others succeed and we nurture and embrace differing perspectives to make better decisions.

We are nimble and execute with speed, we have a sense of urgency that makes us proactive in our thinking.


With our presence in 6 countries, we help Africa’s leading brands connect intelligently with their customers.

Our locations:
• Lagos (HQ) • London • Bangalore
• Accra • Nairobi
• Johannesburg


Hot Chocolate or Coffee?
Whether you’re a hot chocolate fan or a coffee lover, our coffee machine is always ready to serve you your preferred beverage as many times as you want, steaming hot!

Medical Insurance
We offer our staff comprehensive medical insurance with access to a variety of the best health centres to ensure that taking care of your health isn’t something you need to worry about

Grow your skills and feed your curiosity in a rich learning environment by working with some of the brightest minds in the world of enterprise marketing cloud and data analytics

We are experts at developing innovative ways to solve complex problems. At Terragon, we never say ‘never’. We find exciting ways to solve problems

Open Culture
We operate an open culture because at Terragon, everyone is a leader. We believe that unencumbered teamwork and partnership across levels is what helps us triumph

Young, Tech Savvy and Full of Life
Majority of our workforce are the brightest young and tech savvy geniuses in the world. This means there’s never a dull moment with us. We work hard, play hard and aim for excellence in all that we do

Flexible working conditions
As Africa’s leading tech company, we have flexible working conditions that allows our staff to work remotely when necessary

In addition to your standard leave days, as a Terraformer, you can also take time off for family responsibility, maternity, studies and other important activities that promote a healthy work-life balance

We encourage a healthy work life at Terragon. We know how overwhelming work could be and so, to boost productivity, we allow our staff to take occasional breaks in our well furnished lounge. A little secret – we also have a sleeping room. Yes!

Cool Working Space
Our cool working space fosters collaboration and creativity. Our warm receptive colours and refreshing ambience are just perfect for igniting value-driven ideas

Regular Team Bonding
We organize a lot of recreational activities to encourage team bonding and help our staff maintain a healthy work-life balance. We organize in house sporting competitions and take outdoor trips because Terraformers are fun-lovers

We are the future
With the advent of the data-driven economy, a career at Terragon is a career for the future

Life as a Terraformer

At Terragon, we’re a team of smart, driven, and fun-loving people. Our goal is to help businesses connect intelligently with their customers and improve ourselves continuously while we’re at it. At Terragon, we work hard and play hard as well. We’re more than your regular company – we’re a team,

Join Our Team!

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a Terraformer? Send us your CV and we’ll be in touch.