The COVID-19 pandemic has placed marketing leaders in the frontline of an unprecedented new reality. This new world which is characterised by massive changes in customer behaviour and business operations, requires a revamp of communication and marketing strategy if businesses are to stay winning.

While the lasting impact of this pandemic is yet to be determined the world is already tilting towards a low touch economy which will become the new normal. Marketers will need to be quick, ingenious and pragmatic, coming up with strategies that will make them lead in this next normal. In doing this, a convergence of technology and creativity will be vital.

As we speedily enter the next normal, how should you be communicating with your customers? How do you adapt your marketing strategy to meet customers where they are? What new channels should you be considering?

In this fireside chat, Advertising and Technology veterans, Steve Babaeko and Elo Umeh discussed the amazing power of creativity and technology, revealing winning tactics for brands as we enter a new normal.

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