The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has plunged the world into a season of uncertainty. As the pandemic continues to expand, we see the growing impact on the global economy. On the macro level, there have been significant impacts of the pandemic on financial markets and industries such as manufacturing, tourism, hospitality, and travel.

In Africa, the UNDP warns that the pandemic could cause up to $220 billion loss and nearly half of the jobs in Africa lost. Analysts say Nigeria’s economy could be headed for a recession by the end of this year following the massive decline in crude oil prices caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) has already taken a hit as a result of the virus, having lost ₦2.3 trillion in three weeks after Nigeria’s first case.

From a marketer’s view, restrictions on movement have forced consumers to drastically change their consumption habits, and in turn, have forced digital transformation for the businesses serving those customers. From supply chains to the way that brands message, tot he places where they connect, there hasn’t been a more critical time to intimately understand your customers with precision, than the present.

This webinar was organised to expose business leaders to winning ways to stay connected with their customers during this pandemic as well as strategies to generate revenue for their brands.

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