Increase ROI by %X

Increase Campaign Metrics and ROI Significantly

Use AI driven insights and analytics to increase personalization and enable connected events that increase conversions significantly.

Cost Per Action

Improve CPA Rate with Machine Learning

CPA is a key ration in campaigns. With Terragon’s Customer Data Platform, as the algorithm learns, CPA can be significantly reduced over time, cutting spend and increasing ROI.

Customer Lifetime Value

Use AI and ML to Drive Personalised Campaign Engagements

When you target the right customer, conversation rates are high, so is retention and customer lifetime value.

How it works

Our Approach

Actionable Insights

Our platform unifies your customer data from various sources, enriches with contextual and behavioural attributes to derive insights and recommendations.

Connected Events

We enable you reach your customers across all channels with personalized and consistent messaging at every stage of their journeys.

Customer Success

We provide dedicated assistance that informs your marketing strategy, and support you every step of the way to ensure your business goals are met.

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